Awareness training

In addition to technical measures such as using up-to-date operating systems, an antivirus program, backups and a firewall, your employees’ cyber skills must be kept on point.

After all, these are the first line of defense against cyber criminals.
Through interactive training sessions, we come to teach your employees the necessary IT security insights to ensure that the human-firewall in your company is strengthened.

Since September, we can officially call our trainings high quality according to the Flemish government. Click here for more info.

Partly due to our participation in Digital Revolution Covid-19, a project funded and supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) and the Flemish Cofinancing Fund, led us to obtain an approved quality registration for service providers within Work and Social Economy.

We are thus very honored that our trainings are officially recognized as quality by the government.

As a result, we always opt to schedule training in the second phase of our awareness journey. This can always take place at an external location or, if possible, at the company itself.

This training depends on the level and target group for whom we need to give it. We always recommend spending at least one per year on general awareness of cyber dangers inside and outside the company.

General awareness training

During our general awareness training, the dangers and solutions of the most important (and the most forgotten) topics around cyber security are discussed.

These topics include;

  • Digital awareness
  • Physical awareness
  • Passwords
  • Phishing
  • Social media
  • Homework
  • Incidents
  • Recognizing symptoms of hacking
  • MFA
  • Patching
  • Discarding Documents
  • Out of Office
  • Public wifi
  • Own experiences

A training course lasts on average 2 hours with about 15-20 minutes allotted for questions.

A perfect fit for this are our awareness mails that we commission by default after our awareness training. These are sent out every quarter and we try to make them as interactive as possible partly through questions, videos and photos about the training given.

In this way, we maintain an active presence with this training with all participants and can help as best we can with improving cyber hygiene within the organization. We would like to educate people as much as possible about all the dangers online and offline. This keeps repetition as the main motivator for success.

Phishing Awareness Training.

In this training we focus entirely on the social engineering story of phishing emails, but we also adequately explain vishing and smishing. We always like to customize this training to relevant topics for your company.

This way, we can exhibit a real-life, but instructive attack for your company to keep everyone’s attention. Thus, this training will immediately become of great value to your company.

We explain clearly and simply what phishing is, how it works and how to recognize it. With several examples of phishing mails from our own experience, we make it clear what you should do should you receive one.

Since this includes smishing (via SMS) and vishing (voice: phone), this is suitable for everyone in the organization. So don’t make the mistake of thinking this is only for staff who have a laptop or desktop.

After this training, all staff will be able to easily recognize phishing emails, smishing and vishing. This way, everyone becomes an active part of IT security within your company.


  • Introduction to security awareness
  • Phishing
  • Smishing
  • Social Engineering
  • Vishing
  • Recognizing daily risks
  • How and where to report suspicious emails
  • Technical & non-technical tips & tricks

This training lasts 90 to 120 minutes. After this, 15-30 minutes can always be provided for Q&A.

Awareness Training Management

This training is brief but powerful. It is suitable for all C-level executives.

It gives a clear picture of what impact a cyber attack can have on your company and why cyber hygiene in your company needs to be optimal. And this both in terms of cyber-aware actions of your staff and other solutions.

We map all risks with live case studies. Based on these we look at the current status of your company and give the necessary advice and points of improvement to bring cyber hygiene to the surface.

After this training, you will know what cybersecurity actions you can take to counter cybercrime. Experience shows that it is useful to invite the IT manager, the Finance manager and the HR manager to the session.

The training is delivered in an accessible manner by experts in ethical hacking. Even non-technical executives can easily understand how to improve proactive IT security.


  • Cybersecurity for executives & managers
  • Information security in the workplace
  • Everyday risks (spearphishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, malware, viruses, etc.)
  • Security in email use, internet and mobile devices

This training lasts an average of 90 minutes. And gives space of 30 minutes for Q&A after this.

Live hacking

Voor sommige bedrijven doen we live hacking onder het toezicht van verschillende personeelsleden. Op deze manier krijgen deze mensen inzicht op welke manier hackers denken en waarmee extra rekening kan gehouden worden in de toekomst om deze tegen te houden.

Tijdens het hacken wordt er voldoende uitleg gegeven waarom de hacker op deze manier zijn acties uitvoert. Zo kan je als toeschouwer volledig meeleven in het hoofd van de hacker.

Deze live hack duurt ongeveer 60 minuten en wordt steeds op voorhand afgesproken met de klant.