How do we work

Getting into your business without any prior access or knowledge

We try for FREE to get into your company in different ways and see how far we can get. This is of course discussed with the client beforehand.

It is important to mention that our testing is done with extreme caution to ensure the operation of your services. Your website or other online services will not be affected.

We like to make clear agreements towards each other and clarify everything step by step during an exploratory meeting.

During this exploratory meeting, clear agreements will be made so that both parties know what the expectations are.

If we are successful in penetrating your company, we will also communicate by which route we got in and the corresponding consequences. In this way, your company can continue to grow in terms of cyber hygiene. Because this was, is and always will be our mission: To make companies aware and help them with the online and offline dangers inside and outside the organization.

In other words, you can only get better and smarter because it literally costs you NOTHING.

Is there a catch?

You might think: Where’s the catch? Awarity sincerely wants to help companies improve their security in the face of all forms of cybercrime. Contributing to this gives us the satisfaction we need.

After all, this is ingrained in our values and standards. Of course, we hope for a long cooperation and that we may continue to protect your organization against the ever-changing dangers in the world.

New threats

New vulnerabilities with accompanying exploits (new ways to get in) are released every week. It is therefore crucial to keep evolving to stay ahead of the criminals.

Knowing that even these companies and governments have been penetrated by various criminals makes us realize all the more that many organizations are still far too reactive rather than taking a proactive stance.

Awarity is 100% committed to making as many companies as possible safer and more aware.

When we start a project together, we always opt for a minimum period of 1 year. So in this first year you can expect us to first and foremost close the gaps we found during our previous free trial.

After this, at least once a quarter we will simulate a real-life attack and test how secure your business is. This can be a physical pen test, external pen test, internal pen test, WiFi pen test, … These attacks will be followed by an extensive report with all recommended areas of improvement. This report will clearly formulate how we got in, where the biggest mistakes were made and how we can solve this together in order to do better in the future. If desired, we are happy to explain this in our quarterly virtual meeting.

These simulated attacks can take a period of one to three weeks and will not be taken lightly. Apart from these 4 real-life attacks, there will be simultaneous phishing campaigns on a monthly basis, combined with our awareness emails and our website scanning.

On top of this, we always opt to annually or semi-annually schedule our awareness training and/or awareness team building. This combined with permanent elements on and around the work floor (e.g. posters with important tips and tricks to watch out for, …) ensure the necessary alertness of all employees within your organization.

We are available daily to answer questions about cybersecurity. Think of a suspicious e-mail, threatening messages about incriminating material, … and when urgent exploits (dangers through which criminals can get in) are discovered, a solution is immediately offered to close these leaks.