This is what we stand for

At Awarity, we like to do things our way. We listen to each other and to our customers, approach everything with an open, positive mindset and love to surprise people. That’s what we stand for.

Surprise people

At Awarity, we try to exceed expectations. We want to surprise our customers and each other in a positive way. Because by surprising people, you put a smile on their face and make them feel appreciated.

Speak the same language.

At Awarity we listen carefully and like to look at everything from different perspectives. We sincerely want to know what the other person needs, whether it is a customer or a colleague. That way we can help him or her move forward. In doing so, we try to be as transparent as possible and to ensure that the other person fully understands what we mean.

Be a lobster.

To grow, lobsters shed their hard shells so that a new one can take its place. That’s what we do at Awarity: ‘being a lobster’ refers to being flexible and keeping up with changes, even if it is just as uncomfortable. We approach every situation with an open mind, seeing opportunities rather than obstacles.

Choose positivity.

At Awarity we try to radiate positivity. We find it important – of course even – to always be friendly and helpful. We are aware that working at a fast-growing tech company can be quite challenging. But a positive attitude can go a long way.

Make it happen.

We make things happen and keep our promises. Taking initiative is lauded. Don’t delay too long, get more done with less hassle. And we do that with passion and energy. We want our customers to be able to count on us, just as we can count on our colleagues. It’s that simple.

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