Phishing Campaigns

Every month, at least 2 phishing emails are sent per email address. These are individualized per user in order to raise the level. These people also receive tips on what to look out for if they do fall for phishing mails.

The better an employee does at recognizing phishing mails, the harder the mails will be made for this person and vice versa. Employees can always indicate the mails as phishing mails with a button in Outlook.

This way we can see if they actually realized it was a phishing email and didn’t accidentally delete or ignore it.  Which is very interesting for us since we usually use these results in our awareness trainings.

So we can personally tailor our awareness trainings to your organization with your employees’ results.

Awarity Phishing Campagnes 1
  • Mimicking a real phishing attack
  • Personalized track
  • Randomly testing employees helps strengthen your organization’s cyber hygiene while tracking user engagement.

In addition to technical measures such as using up-to-date operating systems, an antivirus program, backups and a firewall, your employees’ cyber skills must be kept on point. After all, these are the first line of defense against cyber criminals.

Through these phishing campaigns combined with our interactive awareness trainings, among others, we will teach the employees in your organization the necessary IT security insights to ensure that the human-firewall in your company is strengthened.

Some examples of the phishing mails:

  • Tax refund
  • Request from IT team to change password
  • Notifications from delivery services, e.g. your package is on its way
  • Requests from social media
Awarity Phishing Campagnes 3

“A company is only as strong – or weak – as its weakest link.
The human factor is usually the weakest link, but it can also be the strongest defense.”