Website scanning

Our website scanning includes an automated vulnerability scan that includes testing the 10 most important points according to the OWASP. Of course, other points are also extremely tested so that the website is analyzed in the best possible way.

This scan is redone monthly, so the latest vulnerabilities are always added. For we find this extremely important since the website is the public point of contact for your company and the easiest place to find digital vulnerabilities or information.

Your website is the public face of your company where cyber criminals often look for weak access points and vulnerabilities. Websites are often not adequately protected, allowing them to be exploited by criminals to penetrate your organization unseen.

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What is a vulnerability?

Any weakness in the information system, internal controls and system processes that cybercriminals can exploit is called a vulnerability.

Why website scanning?

A vulnerability scan is performed to detect and fix these vulnerabilities. Vulnerability scanning can be done by our team or by automated software to manage different types of vulnerabilities.

Why automated website scanning as well?

Automated vulnerability scanning is different from manual vulnerability scanning, where a human examines an application or system and looks for vulnerabilities (see external pen testing, for example).

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What is automated vulnerability scanning?

Automated vulnerability scanning is a type of vulnerability scanning where systems or applications are scanned using automated tools. This process is performed by our vulnerability management software and is then manually put into a clear and understandable report by our expert.

This way there is still the technical explanation in the report, but more importantly, also the explanation in human language for the people who are less technically inclined.

Benefits of doing this monthly

Thanks in part to consistent scanning, our expert responsible for your project can help know the efficiency of security controls on the organization’s system. This allows any bugs to be fixed quickly and followed up optimally, which can prevent cybercriminals from attacking the system.

Because of this, we do this on a monthly basis so that the blind spots are addressed that are otherwise not so often noticed by parties that only scan quarterly, semi-annually or even just annually.

How does automated vulnerability scanning work?

Automated Vulnerability Scanning works in 3 different steps.

  1. Identification of Vulnerabilities.
    Our website scanner uses a database of vulnerabilities to detect security problems in the target system. The tool searches different parts of the target system, based on predefined rules, and looks for response patterns that indicate possible vulnerabilities.
  2. Risk assessment
    The identified vulnerabilities are assessed using a scoring system to check the severity and impact on the system. This is done with the CVSS score combined with the potential damage caused by a given vulnerability.
  3. Resolution and reporting
    Resolution of these security breaches always begin with prioritization. The vulnerabilities are classified based on their score, and in doing so, we always conduct a comprehensive vulnerability analysis that results in specific guidelines for resolving the vulnerabilities.Every breach found, tested and addressed is reported to create future awareness. Our vulnerability scanning report includes the details of the test cases, a summary for general understanding, suggestions against each vulnerability, etc.These reports are always provided with understandable explanations in human language for those who are less technically inclined.
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